Ian Dunbar

Ian Dunbar
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Ian ‘The Doctor’ Dunbar

Firstly, I am not a real doctor; certainly not a medical doctor. But if pushed, I will have a look at it for you. Anyway I have slid into ARFM through the back door (as any good scouser would) and thanks to forming friendships with ARFM stalwarts over the last few years, a chance comment has led me here; The Antidote Rock Show.

I hate Saturday night TV and people know this. The concept is to get you to turn off the TV and listen to some classic and contemporary rock. I love all kinds of rock and as a result, that’s what I will play. I have many favourite bands but keep coming back to bands like Deep Purple, Gillan, Thin Lizzy and FM. The latter are my current employers and I work for them on tour. So if you hear the odd bit of FM thrown into the show, it’s all in the effort of getting a pay rise…….are you listening Mr Overland? I also love to listen to new bands and will happily play a track off your new album!

Feel free to get in touch and I will play you a tune or two and as my show will regularly feature 3 tracks from a classic album, feel free to suggest one of those too.

If you like the show, tell me. If you don’t like the show tell me, and I will do something about it.

Whatever you do, turn off the TV and listen to ARFM; I think we do a damn fine job.